We held a community education class — and earned $2,000 for Garland County Red Cross.

At First Network Insurance, Inc., our mission has always included giving back, because we recognize building a stronger community is something that benefits us all.

Safeco Insurance recognizes that, too — and we’re honored to be one of the agencies who participated in the 2016 Protecting What Matters program!

To earn the donation for Garland County Red Cross, we held a community education class, Getting smarter about insurance on June 15, 2016. During the class, attendees How Insurance Began, Benefits and the Cost of Insurance.

On August 2nd we presented the donation check to the Garland County Red Cross. “On behalf of Safeco Insurance, I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to sponsor this class and help individuals and families protect what matters,” said Helen Ball of First Network Insurance “I’m proud of our partnership with the Garland County Red Cross providing this important safety-related information.”

Thank you to everyone who attended the class to make it a meaningful day of learning. Special thanks to Garland County Red Cross for their help to educate everyone on the importance of getting smarter about insurance.

We’re proud to call Hot Springs home, and we’re committed to protecting what matters here!

Garland County Red Cross.

Garland County Red Cross was awarded a $2,000 donation from First Network Insurance through the 2016 Safeco Insurance® Protecting What Matters program. (L to R) – Natalie Russell with SAFECO, Helen Ball with First Network Insurance, Debbie Ugbade and Tricia Freeman with Garland County Red Cross


Garland County Red Cross Program attendees: Helen Ball, Don Dailey, Thomas Curley; Kathy Riedel, Kathleen Wright, Tricia Freeman, Linda Morrison, Andrea Jackson, Debbie Ugbade


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